The municipality Dohňany is situated approximately in the centre of Puchov's valley. To the village belong integrated villages Mostište and Zbora as well.

Dohnany-letecky pohlad

The river "Biela voda" flows throught Dohňany. The are two communication that divide the whole vilage in two parts - road and railways. Subsurface of the municipality create ploughland, meadows, pasture and woodland with area about 3000 ha wide.
About 1800 people live in Dohňany and integrated villages all together. The centre of village Dohňany is 290m above see level, of Mostište 390m and of Zbora 360m above see level.

There is a Roman-catholic church in Dohňany, that was built in 1865. It 's dedicated to the Solun brothers Cyril and Methodius. Inside the church you can see a painting of them witch was made by J.B. Klemens.


A small Evangelical church is in Zbora. This was built in 1992.

 Zbora kostol1

Nowadays, thanks to the improving economy and culture conditions the municipality Dohňany is growing up. We managed to build a nex School house with 4 classrooms. We have taken andvantage of EU funds and reconstructed the nursery house. The old school house built begin 19th century was reconstructed as well. Now we have here Memorial room of Dohňany with historical artefacts, library with computers and internet, Czech and Slovak regional information and social centre of Púchov's valley.
We don't forget the infrastructure in the municipality. We are finishing with the water supply system, we started to build a sewer system an local roads were completely reconstructed as well.
Traditions of the village and people that lived here are kept allive by folklor group KONOPA.

Sport activities are organized by cykling club CK MTB DOHŇANY, football club and by firemen of Dohňany, Zbora and Mostište.

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